Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fast Learner?

I guess I'm getting this blogging thing after all. I know I have a long way to go if I want to achieve a beautiful page like those that I aspire to, but with the help of my clever husband I'm figuring out how to do simple things like apply a background and change my font size! I'm planning on sharing some kitchen tips I learned from The Happy Housewife and a few I discovered on my own tomorrow. Be excited! I know I am. :)


  1. Here is all I've learned about successful bloggers:
    1. Be flipping hilarious. My favorite blogger (after you of course) makes me lol every time i read her blog.
    2. Be honest.
    3. Provide useful info to a specific audience at first, then branch out as you build up followers.
    And advertise on your blog so you can start making money everytime someone clicks on your links:)

  2. so as evidenced on your two posts, you're on the right track. Im adding you to my google reader now!

    1. Why thank you adryt86! Who I don't know... at all! Maybe someday we will be close personal friends. But for now from blogger to blogger I say.. Ummm... Happy blogging? Yup still new. I'll see you later this week most likey..


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