Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Blogging Nightmare Prologue

I have never had a blog. Of course I had the standard "MySpace" and even before that the ever popular with the kids "Xanga." And obviously the life controlling "Facebook."

When I say I have never had a blog I mean an actual, adult, HTML inspired page. But ever since I signed up with pinterest, I've discovered a world of more than status updates and uploading photos. Style blogs. I'm amazed to see girls my own age and younger, blogging and inspiring me. Showing me that I have the right to give fashion, make up, home making and love advice to anyone who wants to hear it.

The most inspiring blog to me (so far) is It's the life of Elizabeth who loves "Winnebagos, the great Northwest and all things vintage and art... among many things." I first took interest in  her blog because of her amazing taste in fashion. I love the way Elizabeth pieces together articles of clothing that you wouldn't expect. I try to be daring in my choice of outfits, but her style is what I aspire to. However as I continued to explore her blog and realized it's much more than fashion. She puts her life on her page; updating her followers on her road trips, her then-boyfriend (now husband), and fun DIY projects including recipes.

Another blog that inspired me (a polar opposite) is The Happy House Wife, otherwise known as Toni, gives advice on things like cooking, frugal living and home management. Toni is a military wife and stay at home mom. She home schools her 7 children where she currently resides in North Florida. I don't have any kids (too many pets though...) and I work full time. But 5 months ago my husband lost his job. I have always enjoyed cooking but now that we are so low on funds, cooking every meal is an absolute necessity. I first found The Happy House Wife when I googled "cheap dinner ideas." Her blog is full of great tips, most of which I use weekly.

So gradually the idea came to me: I should start my own blog! That way I can combine all of my favorite tips, ideas and stories; ranging from fashion to slow cooker recipes. A blog designed for women my age with similar life circumstances as mine. Or even women with completely different circumstances that could maybe be inspired by me. Apart from being a small inspiration, I could maybe even make some extra cash... because we need it! My husband recently found a new job but it's part time and not nearly enough pay. He continues his search in this depleting economy.

So here's the "nightmare" of the situation: I know nothing about blogging! All I know is what I've learned from the handful of blogs that I've perused. So here in my first post, I'm hoping someone will take the time to read this and give me some tips!

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