Friday, February 3, 2012

It's a Hard Life: Pizza Hut To the Rescue

I'm exhausted! After working hard all week at my real job and killing myself to impress YOU PEOPLE here on my blog, I'm am genuinely pooped! (Eloquent, I know. I'm too tired to be clever!)

Ever since I started this blog (almost 2 weeks ago) I do believe I have not folded one load of laundry, scooped one cat box or scrubbed one toilet. I've washed a few loads of laundry, dried them, and then thrown the clothes that I don't need on the counter in the laundry room (those clothes need to learn how to fold themselves). Poor Dustin has been very helpful in the cat box area because, as you cat owners know, it is an every day necessity. The toilet, however, has not been cleaned for at least 2 weeks. (Is this one of those "tmi" posts I see bloggers complain so much about?) The point is: I need to get off this computer and be the "Homemaking Fashionista" I claim to be.

Bette Davis Jr. is also lounging tonight.

But... I am tired. So tonight, we are ordering a pizza and are going to cuddle in our "jammie-jams" on the sofa. I will beg to watch Doctor Who reruns but will probably end up watching some documentary about how contact lenses are made (yawn). Inevitably, my whining will succeed and we will settle on 30 Rock (courtesy of Netflix of course). Pizza Hut is the homemaker tonight. Pizza Hut is the boss with their Any Pizza for $10 (Who needs a sponser? Oh me?).

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