Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Wish I Were the Test-tube Baby of Julia Childs and Martha Stewart and Other Everyday Musings

Hi everyone! Adrianna here, making my first appearance on The Homemaking Fashionista. And if you like me, really really like me, it won't be my last. As Sherylyn told you, I am mother to Livi, wife to Justin, and slave to nursing school. I usually prefer to trade in my scalpel, I mean stethoscope, for a fork. Actually a Knork. But we'll get to products I adore another time. I wish I had half the skill of the two ladies mentioned in my title but I can only settle for about 1/4 their skills.

I will share with you later this week about my love for making gourmet food at home and how I went through Rocky level training from a great mentor. (cue Eye of the Tiger and hoodie training sequence with kitchen knives). Until then I have a major test to study for and a new home to get settled into. New to me that is. Which equals one non working burner, a hollow front door, and a too small water heater. Feels like home! Happy eating and frugal homemaking!

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  1. I watched the beginning of Rocky II today. "Ain't gonna be no rematch! Ain't gonna be no rematch!"

    "Don't want one."

    I love Rocky! Oh and welcome.



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